Impact of Cybercrime on business

Results have just been published of a survey of businesses in Ireland, asking about internet crime. I haven’t seen the results first hand, (they’re only being fully released tomorrow), but according to the media reports they show some interesting results…

98% said they had been the victim of some form of Internet fraud
20% said this had cost them more than €100,000
40% say that employees have experienced harassment of some form on-line.
90% have been affected by viruses
66% have had hardware or software stolen.
40% of the companies have either fired an employee or had one resign following an incident of cybercrime.
25% of the companies have contacted the police, with half of those cases resulted in a prosecution being brought.
50% of companies reported that employees had been the victimes of phising attacks.

I would have thought more that half would have experienced phishing attacks, but then maybe the other 50% just didn’t report or recognise them. And interesting that only 25% have contacted the police about these crimes. 

For many businesses, (particularly SME’s), there’s still a huge gaping hole in their understanding of comptuer security, and the impact it can have on their bottom line. I think many business owners still adopt the ostrich approach, “If I keep the head down and ignore the problem it will go away”.

Well, guess what guys. It ain’t going nowhere. If you want to learn more about securing your business check out


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