Anti-Virus Software V Internet Security Products

There’s a big debate going on in the computer security world at the moment about whether you are better off running different software vendor’s products for different security functions.

For example, should I use F-Secure anti-virus and Zone-Alarm firewall, or should I select a single product from F-Secure or Zone-Alarm that will do the whole lot.

The advantage of a single-vendor is that you can be sure that different products will not conflict with each other. For example, either of the two companies I referred to above operate Internet Security products that include virus protection, spyware protection, firewalls, etc. You would have no guarantees that one companies AV product will run smoothly alongside another’s Anti-Spyware program.

On the other hand, if you put all your eggs in one basket, you are at risk too, particularly as malware writers have been known to target specific security vendors.

I don’t think there is an easy answer to this. I use a mix of products I know well and trust, but many people don’t have the space and time to spend looking at different options. On that basis, I would recommend going for the Internet Security package, rather than a combination. Both F-Secure and Zone-Alarm are excellent products, though there are other good ones out there.

For info on the best security products check out the link below. Some of these are free and some are not but they are all good products that should do a decent job for you.


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