Dean Koontz

Just finished reading The Husband by Dean Koontz, (Didn’t he used to have an ‘R’ in there or am I imagining that?) Anyway, there’s one line in it that I thought had parallels with computer security. The hero is walking out of a house and doesn’t lock the door behind him, “…perhaps recognising that he couldn’t keep out those he wished to bar, only those who had no desire to enter.”

Computer Security is not quite that bad, but the truth is, if “they” want to get in badly enough, you’ll have to spend an awful lot of time, money and effort to stop them. Thankfully, usually these guys are more interested in the low-hanging fruit. There’s enough of that around to keep them busy so they don’t need to put the effort into actually breaking in. Why bother when there are so many open doors. Ironically, in the book, the guy who left his doors open turned out to be paranoid about computer security later on.


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