Stormy Weather

Here in Ireland and across most of Northen Europe in the past week we’ve had some serious storms. 3 fishing boats sank off the south-east coast of Ireland in the space of a  few days, with a number of fatalaties.

Sadly ,(but fairly predictably), some virus writers saw this as an opportunity, sending out a mail which apparently informed people about the storms but which actually contained a trojan which gives the author control of the computer. They can subsequently steal information from the infected computer, or use it to send spam.

According to F-Secure, hundreds of thousands of people received the virus on Thursday, though damage is expected to be minimal because the anti-virus companies responded quickly. Of course, if your AV software is not configured properly to get updates promptly, then you could be exposed.

BTW.. here in Ireland the wind and rain have passed now, and the country is grinding to a halt because of 1 inch of snow. We don’t get much snow here, but it always amazes me that when we do, it creates absolute mayhem. Schools closed, longer traffic jams, people start buying food like there’s a nuclear winter on the way. And the next day it’s turned to slush and things start getting back to normal again.


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